High Fashion & Good Taste

Fashion magazines, movies, television and the internet, all have their influence on trends and fashion

However, is high fashion synonymous with good taste? If we could vote on women with the best of taste in the last several generations a likely list would include Coco Chanel, Jackie O., Grace Kelly and a few more examples of all that is most classy and elegant. The combination of intelligence, style and charisma these women project is much more compelling than their merely being fashionable or in fashion

Elegance in look is a visual appearance but much more profoundly it is an expression of personality. There are women who wear the most expensive suits and jewelry and their appearance is just ok, yet there are those who will button a blouse in such a way...or will roll up their sleeves and wear simple jewelry, the combination being an astonishingly attractive statement. A womans personality and all that she has a significant influence on her look. Her individual style or the way she dresses and presents herself to the world is a reflection of where she has been and where she is going

Giorgio Armanis motto less is moreis true in both clothing fashion as well as jewelry. You simply cannot go wrong with the simple and basic

Thus a woman with good taste will rise above the fashion trend of the moment and consider the following rules of guidance

Sense of proportion. She will not choose a completely trendy look but will accent her wardrobe with tasteful accessories. She will not wear an overwhelming necklace together with an equally overstated matching pair of earrings

Sense of past and present. She will not rid herself of the items she absolutely loves as a concession to the trend of the times. Shell keep that little black dress as well as her grandmothers pearls

Classic elegance. She will own items that she can keep for years. Despite the fact that the fashion gurus may have played their requiem she will own a strand of pearls, a pair of pearl stud earrings and diamond stud earrings, at the least

Self assurance. She will know her limitations and will not wear what is not most becoming, nor portray her at her best. She will not change her jewelry to white gold just because the latter is in fashion. She will know that with her skin tone she looks better in yellow gold or vice versa

Fine jewelry that women choose for themselves says a lot about a womans true personality. These are precious representations of our special qualities and passions. Therefore, building a fine jewelry wardrobe can be a surprisingly personal statement and endeavor

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