Update Your Look Through Redesign

As we strive to get through the winter and maintain a positive attitude in these trying times, we know that we feel better about ourselves when we look good. One way to accomplish this while keeping in mind our budgets is to review our current jewelry and recycle those pieces that are underutilized. ICD will provide you free of charge, guidance at achieving your desired look through redesign. We will help you to separate your jewelry into two groups; items you wear and those you dont wear. By redesigning the underutilized pieces, we can update your jewelry wardrobe for a fraction of the cost of a new piece. For example, a customer recently brought to us some inherited diamond and gold jewelry. We helped her design an exquisite pair of diamond earrings. As the price of gold is very high, we took her unused gold pieces and gave her a credit, which she applied towards the purchase of her new earrings. If she purchased these earrings as ready made, they would have cost her double. If you know what you want your old jew elry redesigned into, make sure to bring in photos or pictures you may have of the desired piece. For those who are uncertain about their redesign options, we have an extensive library of jewelry design looks. Feel free to come in and go through these books for ideas. Typically, the process takes a few steps (consultation, renderings, estimates and final production) but it is always worth the wait! ICD will gladly scrap any old gold you have for cash or to use towards a jewelry purchase from our extraordinary inventory. In addition, with the increased cost of jewelry, it is a good time to review old appraisals and have the outdated ones revised. ICD has staff qualified to update your old appraisals. Bring in any information you may have (old appraisals, sales slips, etc.) and leave the rest to us. As. always, we look forward to assisting you with all of your jewelry needs

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