Reopening Announcement: Together As One

Together As One

Showing Strength During the New Normal

In the blink of an eye, our world changed. Our community changed. We lost friends, relatives, and neighbors to a sweeping pandemic. Businesses have shuttered their doors, some never to return. After the pandemic, there was social unrest, with further bloodshed in the streets and a deep wound to the very soul of our nation. We have been divided, both physically and emotionally. 

But from the pain, our community has risen. We have shown love and respect to our neighbors, keeping them safe from the virus and showing unity towards the cause of justice. Shops and restaurants have fed those who are hungry, donated to first responders, and stood up to bigotry. This is what we are all about. We help those in need. 

At ICD Jewelry, we are doing everything we can to give back. This month, we donated jewelry to the nurses of Northern Westchester Hospital and are giving 10% of our proceeds back to help supply and support first responders in the medical field. We are also providing discounts to our patrons during this difficult economic time, as we don’t believe anyone should struggle to get their child a graduation gift or birthday present.

However, we are also asking you, our community, for help. As our town reopens for business, we will need your patronage more than ever before. That means shopping locally with your neighbors rather than turning to mega-websites and big box stores. 

In return, we can promise many things. First, ICD Jewelry will be maintaining social distancing, limiting customers in our showroom, constantly disinfecting our displays, and following every possible safety measure at and above the government mandates. Second, ICD Jewelry will provide an experience of convenience by offering one-on-one appointments, free local delivery, online purchases, and mobile-to-mobile communication. The safety and comfort of our patrons always comes first.

We are all facing a new normal. But it is up to us to determine what that normal looks like. This can be a time of love and support between us all; a time that we can look back on with pride. Together as one, let’s make this a source of strength for everyone of us today and for years to come.