Fabergé Eggs

The egg, perfect in form and carrying within it a new life, has been a universal symbol of rebirth 

for thousands of years. In imperial Russia, it remained for the Czar to raise the charming custom of decorating eggs at Easter to the level of imperial luxury. Carl Fabergé, jeweler extraordinaire, and founder of the House of Fabergé, was the guiding genius responsible for these ultimate Easter eggs in gold, enamel and precious gems. As eggs, they are perhaps the most extravagant expression of a centurys old tradition; as objects they mark one of the crowning achievements of the art of the goldsmith and the jeweler

The brilliance of the House of Fabergé lay in its ability to inspire each of its Workmasters to realize fully the designs of their master artists and miniaturists as together they gave life to the incredible fantasy pieces that have come to be renowned the world over for more than a century

In recent years the Fabergé Company, originally in St. Petersburg, has selected Victor Mayer in Pforzheim, Germany as the new Workmaster. This firm itself contin uing in an unbroken tradition from its original associa tion with Carl Fabergé over a hundred years ago, is the only authorized licensee in the world to produce and sell Fabergé eggs and Fabergé enamelled 18ct. gold jewelry. One of the last remaining masters of enamel production, Victor Mayer continues Carl Fabergés lifes work along the old unchanged traditional lines combined with the spirit of our time

Every contemporary Fabergé work is an original object of art created in limited edition and bearing the coveted Fabergé hallmark and the mark of the Workmaster. Each creation comes with a Certificate in four languages certifying the object as genuine. Only when both marks and registration number are clearly visible and identical with details in the Certificate is the piece a genuine Fabergé masterpiece

Authorized contemporary Fabergé objects of the jewelers art are sold only through selected jewelers of the Collegium Fabergéwho have special artistic and jewelry knowledge

In Westchester, the Fabergé collection can be seen at ICD Contemporary Jewelry, exclusive distributors.