Westchester is our home. From our wonderful town of Chappaqua to the neighboring villages of Armonk, Mount Kisco, Pleasantville, and beyond, we have been continually honored and humbled by the love and support the people of our community have show us. From their generous patronage to local gatherings and events, we are proud to call the people of this region our friends and neighbors.

It is with this mindset that we gladly support our local organizations, businesses, and charities whenever possible.

Prom Earrings

Every year, we happily provide earrings to the girls of Horace Greeley for prom night! It is important that we help out the wonderful town that has given so much to us.

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The Steffi Nossen Dance Foundation

The Steffi Nossen Dance Foundation (SNDF), formerly known as the Dance in Education Fund, is a not-for-profit serving Westchester County as a dance resource—promoting the awareness of dance, the opportunity to dance, and enriching the dance environment for students, professionals and audiences. Established as a private trust in 1958 by dance educator and pioneer Steffi Nossen, the Foundation is the parent organization of SNSD, and became a not-for-profit in 1982.

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Chappaqua School Foundation, Inc.

CSF was established in 1993 to fund the creative project ideas of teachers, administrators, parents and students. Typically, CSF issues a request for grant applications and a variety of grant applications are submitted by January of the school year (see Apply for a Grant). In parallel, CSF works to raise funds from the community through appeals, hosting the Wizards basketball game and its Spring Benefit. In March, the CSF Board typically determines which grants it will fund based on their merit and available funds and announces its decisions in May.

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New Castle Historical Society

The New Castle Historical Society operates three historic buildings for guided tours for individuals and groups. The Society is also involved in educating the public about the history of New Castle through exhibits, programs, lectures, publications, and resource materials. The Society works to promote historical awareness and encourage the preservation of historical architecture and material culture of New Castle.

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Horace Greeley Scholarship Fund

The Horace Greeley Scholarship Fund (HGSF) exists to make up “the difference” between the actual costs of college and all other financial resources available to students and their families (i.e. loans, scholarships, work-study, student savings and parent contributions). Many families in Chappaqua, NY have trouble affording all the costs of college and the HGSF gives Horace Greeley High School student’s and alumni grants to cover any financial deficits families may have.

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