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Let It Shine

Our jewelry has the sneaky habit of dulling without our noticing. The more we wear a piece, the more it begins to soak up the oils of our body, the grime of the world, and so many other impurities that we encounter in day-to-day life. That is why it is so very important to give your jewelry the love that it deserves.

Complimentary Cleaning

Fine jewelry and timepieces should be checked and cleaned at least twice a year. Doing so will provide that your jewelry looks beautiful and that your gemstones are secure. Best of all, we are happy to provide cleaning as a complimentary service to our valued customers.

Our Services


We’re with you from start to finish. From the selection process, to order placement, to even hand-delivering the piece to you.

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Before & After

One of our true specialties is breathing new life into an heirloom or antique. This requires a true vision for jewelry design.

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Things break. It happens. But that doesn’t mean the end for your beloved jewelry piece. We can fix almost anything.

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It’s amazing how a cleaning brings luster back to jewelry. We are happy to provide complimentary cleaning on your next visit.

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Custom Design

Your dreams shouldn’t be limited, they should be celebrated. Our team of jewelry designers will make those custom designs come to life.

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What’s it worth? Whether it’s taking stock of your collection or pricing a family piece, we will find your jewelry’s true value.

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Personal Shopper

Finding that perfect gift can be daunting. Why not trust the experts? We will find the ideal gift at the right price.

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Ear Piercing

By appointment, we are happy to help with ear piercing. Our qualified team is ready to treat you with care and comfort.

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