Color Your World for Summer

Eye catching metallic colors of silver platinum and gold dominate the fashion world this summer. As our wardrobe plays a significant role in the choice of jewelry that we wear, ICD would like to offer some tips on how to enhance your metallics with colored stones.

The Cool Trend: Silver tone metallics are considered cool colors. All shades of blue and green gemstones, both transparent and opaque, fall into this category. Among these gemstones are the traditional “Cool” Blue Sapphires and Emeralds as well as the newcomers, such as Tanzanite, Tzavorite, Iolite, Peridot and the exquisite Paraiba Tourmaline. The combination of the silver tone metallic fashion with the cool colored stone jewelry will take you from your days’ activities into a night full of mystery and allure. 


The Warm Trend: Gold metallics are considered warm colors. They are enhanced by the various sun kissed gemstones such as Ruby, Coral, Red Spinel, Citrine, Amber and other crimson, caramel, orange and brown color palettes. Jewelry adorned with these warm colored gemstones are typically worn more casually but depending on your lifestyle, they can take you into the evening as well.


We welcome you to stop by ICD and experience our world of color. From cool to warm colors, not forgetting the fun trends such as pinks, reds, purples, and turquoise. 


Have a colorful summer!