On Pearls

A woman’s choice in fine jewelry can say a lot about her true personality. For the jewels we wear can be previous representations of our innermost qualities and passions. As pearls are my favorite jewels and they are a must in any lady’s wardrobe, I’ll try to give a short overview of the various types of pearls available today in the jewelry marketplace.


Akoya Cultured Pearls.

Saltwater pearls cultivated in Akoya oysters, mostly in Japan and China. They are round and range form 2mm. to 9mm. In size. 


South Sea Cultured Pearls

Large saltwater pearls averaging 10mm. To 20 mm., they are cultivated in the oceans around Australia and some other Pacific countries. They command premium prices because of their size and thick nacre. They come in round and baroque shapes and vary in color from white to gold and pastel shades. 


Tahitian Cultured Pearls.

These pearls vary from medium to very dark gray. Most are cultured in the saltwater of French Polynesia and grow in size as large as the white South Seas pearls. The more desirable shades have an overtone called peacock green. OThers have pink, aubergine, blue, gold and silver overtones.


Freshwater Cultured Pearls. 

These pearls are the latest wave in popularity. They grow in lakes and rivers in Japan, China and the U.S. They are round to baroque in shape and their colors vary from white and pink through lavender, peach, apricot and beige. Sizes range from 3mm. to 12mm. But their prices are only a fraction of Japanese cultured pearls or South Sea pearls. 


Pearl jewelry, more popular than ever, comes in various sizes and price ranges – from strands of 8mm. Japanse cultured pearls to luxurious South Sea pearls. They are available as enhancers with diamonds, or with diamond, ruby and sapphire rondelles between them and magnificent diamond and pearl clasps. Product knowledge and creative design in essential in buying pearls. We at ICD specialize in all these various types of pearls and will be more than happy to pass on our knowledge and expertise to you.