Washington D.C.: The New Fashion Capitol

Magazines, movies, television and the internet all have their influence on style and trends. Add the power of politics to this population and we have a complete picture of what fashion today is all about.


On a recent trip to Washington, D.C., we observed several powerful women captivate the audience, not only with their eloquence, but also with their strong sense of style. From posture to polish, these women influence fashion in their own way. Now that the most powerful person in the free world might be a woman – Is Washington becoming the new fashion capitol of the world?


For example, Senator Hillary Clinton addresses her audience wearing a tailored pantsuit. Her look is classic and friendly. As her skin tone blends with yellow gold, she enhanced her appearance with some great ensembles of yellow necklaces and earrings. Or the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, who tends to wear more conservative yet chic suits, was recently photographed in a stylish red suit with her signature pearl necklace. Her olive skin underone calls for cool colorless metal of white gold or silver. The political community seems to influence and contribute to fashion almost as much as Anna Wintour. It is not unusual for customers to ask us for the pearl necklace worn by Nancy Pelosi or the turquoise necklace Senator Hillary Clinton was photographed in.


This Spring is about the power of women and a statement of jewelry. We see more dramatic earrings, wide gold bangle bracelets, power rings and lots of layered necklaces of gemstone pearls and gold. The goal is for women to look polished without spending hours in front of a mirror. European women have captured the essence of fashion for years by wearing simple sporty yellow gold, white gold, or the combination of the two in the daytime, and white gold with diamonds and precious stones for the night, when light plays a more important role. The ICD staff looks forward to assisting you in finding your own powerful personal style!