Presenting the Hillary Bracelet

Prior to the 2016, President Bill Clinton came in to ICD Jewelry – as he often has – to speak with Varda and the team about a special present for his wife, Secretary Clinton. What did Varda do? She and the staff of ICD Jewelry treated President Clinton as they do any customer – with respect and care. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton may be public figures, but they’re also parents and grandparents. And they’re as proud of their family as anyone else! Varda came up with the Hillary Bracelet. A gorgeous piece that showed off what matters most to Secretary Clinton: her grandchild.

Imagine her pride and satisfaction when Secretary Clinton, then a presidential candidate, wore that very bracelet throughout much of the 2016 campaign, including the presidential debates. ICD Jewelry was honored and happy to have provided a piece that brought true joy to the Clinton family, and was appreciated so much that Secretary Clinton wore it to such an important event to herself and the country.

The ICD Jewelry staff is honored to help the Clintons, as they are to help so many wonderful families throughout New York and the country.

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