Pearls: Today’s Must Have Jewelry

Pearl jewelry, more popular than ever, has grown dramatically over the last five years. Today’s pearls include a vast variety of colors and shapes. We have come a long way from the natural pearl to the Japnase Akoya pearls, freshwater pearls and the fast growing collection of Chinese pearls. Pearls are organic (created by living creatures). This factor is responsible for both their incredible beauty and their delicacy. Therefore, when caring for your pearls, remember to wipe them with a soft cloth after wearing them and store them in a pouch or lined box. 


A classic strand of pearls can become your signature look by adding a second strand in a different color, shape and/or length. Baroque shapes add character, multicolor strands have a new fresh flavor and the addition of gold or diamond rondelles in between the pearls takes a classic look into sophistication. Don’t be afraid to layer pearls with gold chains for a more playful look!


Extra long opera length and rope strands are luxurious and very versatile. Wear them as a single strand, double them for a classic look or triple strand them for a modern choker effect. 


Pearls are not only for the neck! We have to remember that bracelets and earrings are also an integral part of our jewelry wardrobe. Wrap your wrist in pearls and links and stack them for that fashionable look. Designers are now adorning link bracelets with pearls or dangling them with multicolor briolettes. Pearl earrings can be worn as a classic stud or as a diamond French wire drop. The luster of pearls creates a warm and sensual sheen that is very flattering and enhances the skin. 


ICD specializes in all types of pearl jewelry. We are more than happy to assist you in selecting the right pearls for you, or redesigning and updating pearls that you already own.