ICD Press Release

ICD Contemporary Jewelry of Chappaqua and Rye, a Westchester landmark in fine jewelry since 1976 features a unique collection of gold and platinum jewelry with diamonds and other precious stones, along with individual creations and remountings for which the owner, Varda Singer and her staff have long been known. ICD’s designs are shaped by an appreciation for classic jewelry and a philosophy that fine jewelry should be timeless. Each is an original creation which may inco singly or in combination, 18karat gold, pearls, diamonds, precious stones and gems. All pieces are designed with the thought that they will be handed down as an heirloom to be appreciated in future generations. Among the stores’ specialties is to find new expressions for clients’ dated or out of fashion jewels. Fine jewelry that women choose or have designed for themselves says a lot about a woman’s true personality. These are precious representations of her special qualities and passions. Therefore, building a fine jewelry collection can be a surprisingly personal statement and endeavour. At ICD we build long term loyal and trustworthy relationships and take the time to guide and discover the needs of each and every customer.