Turquoise & Queen Elizabeth

Jewelry can be a very powerful thing. Yes, we wear it for beauty and style, but it can also bring comfort and strength to the sick and weary. It can even help to rally a nation.

Recently, Queen Elizabeth publicly addressed the people of the United Kingdom to discuss the coronavirus pandemic. Dressed in a stunning turquoise dress, the Queen wore an ornate diamond and turquoise brooch on her left side. One could be forgiven for seeing this elegant piece as nothing more than style for style’s sake, but there was more to this beautiful addition, both historically and symbolically.

Historically, this brooch was originally handed down by her paternal grandmother, Queen Mary, who ruled during the flu pandemic of 1918. By wearing this storied piece, Elizabeth was drawing a connection from the pandemic of one hundred years ago to today.

Symbolically, the stone itself also holds additional meaning. Turquoise is considered a symbol of healing, rejuvenation, and wisdom. From the Egyptians to the Persians to the Aztecs and Native Americans, this iconic gemstone has spanned human history as a treatment for headaches, cataracts, balance, aches, pains, and many other bodily ailments. Emotionally and spiritually, many believe turquoise helps to stabilize moods, relieve stress, and establish a more peaceful self.

At ICD Jewelry, we love turquoise. Not only is it beautiful, but it holds a great deal of power as well. Over the years, we have gladly provided this gem to customers who are suffering from an illness or have a sick loved one in their life. Some value this gift for its stunning color, while others believe it provides something more special.

When selecting turquoise, it is good to be mindful of the different styles and hues of this stone. The most prized turquoise is medium blue (also sometimes called “Persian Blue”) which features a consistent and vibrant color throughout. Greenish blue hues, while not as valuable, are also quite beautiful to many and compliment a variety of looks. Some turquoise stones will also feature dark patterns and veins, creating an attractive natural design that is unique and unmistakable to this stone.

Whether for its aesthetic appeal, symbolism, or something more, turquoise is both beautiful and powerful. Queen Elizabeth understood this power when she prominently wore the brooch during her address. We hope that the people of the United Kingdom found a little bit more solace from this. We certainly need all the healing we can find right now.

Let us at ICD Jewelry know if you have any questions regarding our selection of turquoise jewelry. We have several stunning options available to lift someone’s spirits during this tough time.