On Black Diamonds

Upon my returns from various jewelry trade fairs, my customers always ask me, So what is new?and What are the trends?Usually I have little to report, as most trends and designs are often repeating themselves. However, this year I do have news

With the popularity and elegance of white South Sea pearls and Tahitian black pearls a new combination of black and white has been born in jewelry black & white diamonds

Quite elegant in their appearance and beautifully designed, the new black and white jewelry collections were first introduced in the April Basel Fair and have gained rapid popularity since then

What are black diamonds? The fact, well known in the trade, is that black diamonds are an order of diamonds composed of carbon that didnt make the transformation to pure white and crystalline when formed in the earth over millions of years. Or as gemologist Stephen Hofer has stated, The typical biack diamond is composed of a mishmash of atoms rather than a regular arrangement.” 

One of natures glories however, are the few black diamonds which are considered to be ultrarare like the 1.25 ct round black diamond now in the Smithsonian, or the 33.7ct pearshaped Star of Amsterdam cut from a rough of 55.85 ct in 1972

Fred Ward, author of Diamonds,feels that when black diamonds have exceptional color, high polish and uniformly smooth surfaces they will be as awe inspiring as any other beautifully made diamonds

The House of Cartier is among those that have come forth with a new collection of diamond jewelry accented with black diamonds

In Westchester, ICD is showing a magnificent collection of black and white diamond jewelry created in Italy. Our collection includes pavé white and black diamond Xrings, domed pavé white diamond rings with sprinkles of black diamonds and earrings with black diamond bali centers surrounded by white diamonds. Other black and white diamond creations are also featured

For all of my loyal customers throughout Westchester the news this Fall is Black Diamonds