What’s Your Jewelry Style?

Your personality influences your wardrobe choices. But did you know that it also plays a large role in determining what type of jewelry you prefer? Take a look below and see what your jewelry wardrobe says about YOU!



This customer follows a business like approach to her jewelry and with a jam-packed schedule prefers pieces that can be worn at a business meeting or later in the day at chic cocktail party. She often has a signature piece that is worn most of the time. Popular choices: pearls, diamonds studs or hoops, gold chokers, sapphire pieces



This customer loves unique one-of-a kind pieces and is not afraid to take wardrobe risks. After all, rules are meant to be broken. She favors ethnic or Gothic style jewelry. Popular choices: multiple earrings, ear cuffs, ring stacks and mixing different metals or stones for an eclectic look



This customer wants jewelry that doesn’t interfere with her active lifestyle. She loves to be outdoors and often includes jewelry that has natural elements in it. Less is more for this customer who likes small or unobtrusive pieces. Popular choices: Jewelry made out of wood, stone or pearls


At ICD Jewelry we celebrate individuality and we will work with you to find pieces that fit any occasion and your lifestyle.