…On Pasquale Bruni, Italian Jewelry Designer

Pasquale Bruni, the creator, the craftsman and the consummate artist, is our Valentines Day jewelry 

designer at ICD this year of the millennium. The very paragon of contemporary Italian jewelry designers, he designs and manufactures in Valenza, with two top end boutiques in Milan and Tokyo. In the USA he is a strong presence only in the best of retail shops. ICD is Pasquale Brunis exclusive representative in Westchester

This masterful jewelry stylist in 18kt gold and precious gems is proving his extraordinary creativity in the traditions of Italian jewelry craftsmanship and design. His jewelry creations are in perfect sync with good taste and fashion trends. His style reflects the contemporary and emphasizes an uptodate message. Pasquale Bruni is the designer who introduced the flower motif with gemstones. He uses pink and white gold with icy pastel gems. His earrings are usually reversé, (earrings of different colored gemstones in each ear.

Pasquale Bruni is quite romantic. He designed a jewelry collection just for Valentines Day with a classical motif of a circle with embedded diamonds on its edge. All of the rings and pendants in the collection are beautifully engraved with love and amoré letters of various sizes. (See our ad in this issue of The Wag

Pasquale Brunis jewelry extends from very important jewelry with diamonds and precious stones to moderately priced jewelry of mostly gold with diamonds

The glorious decorative aspects of his spectacular jewelry play on female desires and indulges our sentimentality and aspirations for luxury

One can always find a unique and creative piece of jewelry from Pasquale Brunis collections, perhaps as I did, a wide 18kt gold band with a tiny pavé heart and a poem in Italian engraved around the ring

There are three infinite elements in life: the sky with all its stars, the ocean with its drops of water and the heart with all its tears.” Gustave Flaubert