Earring Dilemmas Solved: Choosing the Right Shape for Your Face

Earrings are the perfect accessory that can add a finishing touch to any outfit. Most people don’t realize that the shape of your face can determine which types of earrings will be most flattering, Below are trade secrets that any accessories editor would approve of:

Round-shaped face: Choose an earring that falls between the ear lobe and jaw line. Look for earrings that are longer rather than wider. Dangle earrings with a post are more flattering than a wire.

Square-shaped face: Pick an earring with some length but shorter than the jawline so as not to emphasize the squareness of the jaw. Teardrops are a great option.

Heart-shaped face: To balance your natural triangle shape, earrings that are wider at the bottom than at the top look best. Earrings with soft curves also work well.

Oval-shaped face: This face shape is super lucky as most earring shapes will flatter the wearer. Pearls, teardrops, and ovals will enhance your face’s natural contour.

At ICD Jewelry we have years of experience finding the perfect earrings to complement any face. Stop by to see which earrings suit your face shape today.